The dangers of pet obesity.

Obesity is very harmful to both humans and pets.

1. A vicious circle – the fatter you are, the lazier you are, the lazier you are, the less you like to exercise, the less you like to exercise, the fatter you are, and the fatter you are, the more you like to eat.

2. Restricted movement – pets that are basically immobile at home, whether it is a cat or a dog, will gain weight in a straight line.

3. Cause various diseases – heart and brain disease, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, etc., endangering the life of pets.

4. Urinary System – Obesity is one of the main factors for urinary problems in pets, especially cats.

How to lose weight successfully?

  1. The choice of staple food – high egg and low calorie

The misunderstanding of many pet owners is that weight loss is to reduce the amount of feeding. Sometimes it may be counterproductive. Not only will there be no success in losing weight, but there may even be problems such as malnutrition. During the period of fat loss, pet owners can choose low-calorie staple food, but the nutrition must be To keep up, it is not simply to reduce the amount of food. If you even pay attention, you can calculate the feeding amount according to the actual situation of your pet.

  • Life is movement – choose the movement that best suits it.

“Life lies in exercise”, pet owners need to choose the way of exercise according to the actual situation of their pets. If you let a dog that is already fat and panting after walking two steps, it may be counterproductive. You can choose Chronic, swimming, etc.

  • Perseverance, serious and responsible attitude.

It is indeed difficult to lose weight. People and pets are the same. As a qualified pet owner, you need to have a serious and responsible attitude. Three days of fishing and two days of netting or casual sports will definitely not be successful, right Method + Persistence, will definitely achieve a successful weight loss plan.

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