Sport problem

Humans eat, drink and lie down at home every day. It is conceivable that the weight will skyrocket, so obesity is also one of the main causes of various diseases affecting dogs, such as heart and brain diseases, cardiovascular diseases, bone and joint diseases, diabetes, pancreas inflammation, etc. This kind of behavior that endangers the life of dogs, once this kind of living habit is developed for a long time, it will also create a vicious circle. Therefore, when dog owners pay attention to their own health problems, they should not ignore the dog’s exercise problem. Such as pet treadmills, smart toys, etc.

Energy problem

Since exercise is the source of happiness for dogs, sniffing must be the most direct way for dogs to be satisfied and consume energy. In fact, we carefully observe that when dogs usually play, most of their energy is spent on sniffing. on, because this is an instinctive behavior of dogs. It is not only a social way to transmit information, but also a necessary operation to establish positive emotions, release stress, relieve anxiety and tension, and it is also a very physical and energy-consuming thing for dogs.

Therefore, if you have the conditions at home, you can add a sniffing pad at home, and you can also meet the sniffing requirements of dogs at home. The snacks or dog food are scattered and hidden in various parts of the sniffing pad, and try to hide it in a hidden place that is difficult to find. (it can be placed in the easy-to-find area at the beginning), which can not only effectively exercise the sense of smell, strengthen the stimulation effect, but also stimulate the dog’s interest in playing, of course, there will be naughty dogs tearing the mat. , pet owners should stop it in time and guide the correct behavior.

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