Common domestic cat diseases and treatment options

How to treat cat moss?


In a multi-cat household, you must first isolate the sick cat from other cats to avoid mutual infection.

– shaving

First of all, shave the hair near the cat moss, one is to facilitate the application of medicine, and the other is to prevent the spread of the fungus. Cats with mild symptoms can directly apply medicine without shaving. After all, the hair is the protective layer of the cat. Unless the symptoms are particularly severe, the whole body needs to be removed.

– use of drugs

The symptoms are relatively mild and have not spread to the whole body, but the ear appears a little. You can do not take a medicine bath, just apply the medicine to the ear every day.

Oral drugs: Systemic oral drugs commonly used in the treatment of cat moss.

Smear or spray: You can choose antifungal drugs, which are generally available in pharmacies or online shopping, but pay attention to the dosage when using it for pets, and allocate the dosage according to the weight of the cat. As long as it is for the treatment of fungi, drugs produced by regular manufacturers can be used.

-Medicated bath

In severe cases of cat moss, a medicated bath is also required. After the first application of the post-bath lotion, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, rinse, and then do the same for the second time. The cat moss is more serious and needs to be maintained in a daily medicated bath for 1-2 weeks. After the situation is relieved, it is slowly extended to once every 3 days, once every 5 days, and once every 2 weeks until complete recovery.

– Increase nutrition

Most cats infected with cat moss have some resistance problems and need to increase nutrition. Nutritional cream is not recommended to buy. Daily chicken breast + carrots are better for nutritional supplements. In addition, it can be supplemented with more vitamin B, which has a certain hair-beautifying effect.

– Physical isolation

No matter whether the cat moss is serious or not, once you find that you need to wear an Elizabeth ring immediately, otherwise licking, scratching and other behaviors will accelerate the spread of cat moss.

– get more sun

Sun exposure and ventilation can help sterilization. If the cat does not cooperate, you can try to put the cat scratching board in the sun to attract the cat to go.

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